Glimpse: DK Discovery Day ~ Sticker Book Boutique!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

DK Discovery Day ~ Sticker Book Boutique!

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We love books of all kinds in our home, but I do believe that if I were to give my children a choice, at least some of them would name sticker books as their favorite type of book! And quite honestly, I like them too! A sticker book can range from fun to educational and we've enjoyed both of these kinds in the past. All of our sticker books so far have come from DK Canada - who has a fabulous selection to choose from. They have everything from sticker books that are purely fun to sticker books that will help your children learn as they go through the book. The bottom line though is that whether it is a sticker book on the new LEGO movie or a sticker book on Rocks & Minerals...they are just plain 'ol FUN!

Each of DK Canada's Ultimate Sticker Collections has over 1000 reusable stickers. Since they are reusable your children will be able to create and re-create fun scenes and adventures in their books. The artwork and graphics in the books has been fabulous - bright, vivid colors, and for the more 'factual' sticker books the stickers often feature real-life photography.

DK Canada has a sticker collections that are going to capture the attention of both boys and girls. Our daughter was thrilled with the Lego Friends Ultimate Sticker Collection. It has all sorts of LEGO Friends mini-doll characters along with all their accessories, pets and favorite places, so you can just imagine the fun she'll have learning more about the girls of Heartlake City and also creating her own scenes with all the extra stickers (and there are a LOT of extra stickers!) For our son, we've been using the Sticker Encyclopedia: Rocks and Minerals. He's been fascinated with Rocks recently and often asks when we can go out "rock picking" again! (Well...we have to wait until the ground thaws and the snow melts...and that could be a little while yet!) In the meantime, he can enjoy learning about rocks and minerals from this great sticker encyclopedia from DK Canada. It has all sorts of facts on many fascinating topics ranging from precious metals and seashore pebbles to gems and volcanic rocks. The book is packed full of not only stickers, but also with great information, facts and more.

Ready to get a few Sticker Books to help you pull through these last few months of the cold winter weather? You are in luck because DK Canada has a special Sticker Book Boutique open right now and for a limited time they are offering you a fabulous deal - buy two sticker books and receive the 3rd one FREE!! When it comes to sticker books we have found no others that can match the quality of the ones from DK Canada, and they are a great way to keep the kids entertained (and maybe even learning?!) during the last of these winter months. Head over and check out the boutique - I would definitely say that there is something for everyone!!


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That's a great deal! My kids love sticker books!

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