Glimpse: Scholastic Monday ~ Zoe's Jungle

Monday, July 21, 2014

Scholastic Monday ~ Zoe's Jungle

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Summer is here and that means lots of OUTDOOR adventures, right?! Our kids have enjoyed all types of outdoor adventures already this year, and I love seeing their imaginations run wild. :) In fact, my son tells me that when he grows up he wants to be an explorer...what a job that would be! ;) Either way, it always brings joy to my heart to see my kids exploring and imagining together during these beautiful summer months.

However, a part of summer also includes rainy days, and for days like these, Scholastic Canada has a great selection of books to help keep kids busy, keep their minds active, and give them plenty of fuel for new adventures either inside or outside. One that we recently have added to our collection is Zoe's Jungle by Bethanie Deeney Murguia. In this fun little story, Zoe is a fearless explorer in the jungle and she catches a glimpse of the extraordinary and VERY rare wild Addiebeast. She does what any explorer would do and begins to pursue the Addiebeast in hopes of catching it...however, her mother calls out a "We're leaving in 5 Minutes" warning (does this sound familiar to any other moms out there? ;) ) Five minutes doesn't seem like much time to catch that Addiebeast, but Zoe races against the clock to finish her quest in time. Her jungle is actually a playground, and the book vividly portrays how her imagination turns it into a jungle. Will she catch the Addiebeast in time?!

Zoe's Jungle is a children's book that is full of fun and character. The simple cartoon drawings draw kids in - and really add to the story. It is a fun book to keep on the bookshelf for a rainy day or a quiet time and it may even inspire your own kids to start a new adventure!


Victoria S said...

This sounds like a really fun book to read. Victoria Ess

Stephanie LaPlante said...

Sounds like an adorable story.

Erika Birrell said...

I know my son would really enjoy this, and would make a great book for bedtime reading!!

suzie said...

My little ones would love this adventures are always fun

meredith m said...

Aww my kids would love this since they pretend to be in a jungle

Heidi Carlson-Reid said...

This sounds like a very empowering story for girls!

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